DOTTI made to order


At DOTTI, we offer endless possibilities for you to personalize your bag, both inside and out.
It can be a unique combination of  exotic leathers or innovative materials, in  range of colour.  It can be a personalized pattern, or the mesmerizing effects our master craftsmen can give to exclusive leathers. It can be a couture finishing, such as a special metal galvanisation, or your initials embossed.
The options are simply infinite.

Create your own handbag


Pick one of our models - Aura, Verity or Elisabetta - Serena Dotti will interpret your desires and accompany you with her expertise and passion in your personal creative process. She will provide you with a preview of your bag and will then follow with care each step of the production to ensure that every element is truly unique, upholding the quality and prestige of DOTTI.
Unleash your imagination, make your DOTTI handbag a unique.