We Care


At DOTTI we decided from our very beginning to be a niche brand and to produce a limited number of pieces. This allows us to take care of every handbag and make sure that at every stage the highest quality, environmental, and social production standards are met.


Our suppliers are a strong component of the family business, and over the years we built longstanding partnerships only with those that prove to share our vision and want to have a positive impact on the environment and on society.


We highly value the rare and precious materials we work with. Thus, we carefully select our suppliers to ensure that the leathers and exotic skins we use are traceable, ethical, and respectful of the welfare of animals and of biodiversity, and we pay particular attention to avoid any waste. We only use exotic skins and leathers that are processed with metal-free tanning systems, which guarantee a reduced use of water, energy, and chemicals, thus contribute to improving the environmental performance of the production.

Our hardware suppliers as well use the latest technology to reduce energy and water waste to the minimum. 


The love we put in producing each handbag, the respect we pay to our people, and our commitment to continuously improve and work for a more sustainable business, are core elements of our corporate identity and culture, one that our partners and clients acknowledge and value.